Available in .pdf the book "Restauración de especies nativas en los helechales de la Reserva Científica Ébano Verde"

This book presents the results of our work in the Scientific Reserve Ebano Verde (Dominican Republic). Its aim is to give awareness of the problems that may develop as a result of mismanagement of our forests and how they should tackle a restoration process following a scientific methodology. The book is written in Spanish, using an accessible language to people not connected with the research world. Furthermore, in the opening chapters incorporates a basic explanations about the processes of deforestation in the tropics. Based on the results we obtained, we include a proposal of management plan to recover the original forest.
This project was funded by the NASA-IRA program (NAGW-4059), the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain and the Xunta de Galicia (Spain).

Click here for download (9,11MB)

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