Already avaiable the book "Biogeochemistry and Pedogenetic Process in Saltmarsh and Mangrove Systems" in

Editors: Xosé Luis Otero Pérez and Felipe Macías Vazquez
Year: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-61728-269-0
Price: US$: 116.10

Wetlands have generally been viewed in the past as areas of little value, and have even been considered as a threat to human health. This idea, which persists in a large part of the population, has motivated the destruction of many wetland areas. Urban development, the installation of large industrial ports, and the construction of fish and shellfish farms are some of the causes of the disappearance of mangrove systems and salt marshes, argued to produce greater economic and social development. However, recent studies indicate the opposite. Coastal wetlands provide an important source of goods and services to society, the value of which exceeds US $25,000 billions per year. This book is a new contribution to our knowledge of mangrove and saltmarsh soils and sediments.

Table of contents:

  1. Biogeochemistry Of Sediments;pp. 1-24
    (Miguel Angel Huerta-Diaz And Janet J. Reimer, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California,Campus Ensendada,Baja, Mexico, et al.)
  2. Pedogenetic Processes In Mangroves Soils;pp. 25-50
    (P. Vidal-Torrado; T. O. Ferreira; X. L. Otero, V.S. Souza-Jr.,F. P. Ferreira, G.R.P.Andrade, F. Macias, Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture, Sao Paulo University, Brazil,et al.)
  3. Clay Mineralogy Of Mangrove Forest Soils;pp. 51-73
    (V. S. Souza-Júnior and M. T. Garcia-Gonzaléz, Departamento de Agronomia, Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco,Recifi-PE-Brazil et al.)
  4. Characterization Of Soils Organic Matter And Humic Acids extracted from a Mangrove Forest;pp. 75-100
    (Fernando Perobelli Ferreira,Rural Engineering Department, Santa Catarina Federal University,Florianopolis,SC, Brazil)
  5. Characterizacion Of Humic Substances In Salt Marsh Soils;pp. 101-117
    (Cristina Santín Nuño, INDUROT, Universidad de Oviedo, Mieres, Spain
  6. ;pp. 119-134
    (Marcio R. Lambais, Gisele Lopes Nunes, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Piracicaba,SP,Brazil)
  7. Factors Determining The Vegetation In Salt Marshes On The Atlantic Coast Of The Iberian Peninsula;pp. 135-153
    (José M. Sánchez, Universidade de Vigo. Vigo, Spain)
  8. Iron And Trace Metal Geochemistry In Mangrove Soils;pp. 155-181
    (Xosé. L. Otero, Mª Luiza de Souza, Felipe Macías, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
  9. Bioturbation And Its Role In Iron And Sulfur Geochemistry In Mangrove Soils;pp. 183-205
    (Tiago Osório Ferreira, Universidade Federal de Ceara, Fortaleza, Brazil)
  10. The Role Of Salt Marshes In Reducing The Concentration Of Nitrate And Phosphorus In Eutrophicated Water: The Mar Menor Lagoon, A Case Study In Semi-Arid Mediterranean Areas (Se Spain);pp. 207-234
    (Francisco José Jiménez-Cárceles, José ªlvarez-Roge, Consuelo Egea Nicolás, Maria Nazaret Gonazalez-Alcaraz, Antonio Maria-Cervantes, Hector Miguel Conesa-Alcaraz,Biocyma, Consultora en Medio Ambiente y Calidad Spain, et al.)
  11. Heavy Metal Contamination Caused By Mining Activities In The Mar Menor Lagoon(Se Spain);pp. 235-250
    (Héctor M. Conesa-Alcaraz, Francisco J. Jiménez-Cárceles, Antonio María Cervantes,Maria Nazaret Gonzalez-Alcaraz, Consuelo Egea-Nicolas, Jose Alvarez-Rogel,Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena,Murcia,Spain et al.)

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