Orchids give us name!

..... or we give name to orchids ....

The work of this group of research in the Caribbean is beginning to obtain rewards:
Following the exploratory work we are doing in this geographic area, we have identified several new species to science. One has already been published and .... dedicated to the person who found it in Cuba: Luis Navarro. Encyclia navarroi is the name of this new species. Here you can see the the appearance of the showy flowers.

Moreover, a recent article in orchids by our group (Vale, A.; Navarro, L.; Rojas, D.; Álvarez, J.C. (2011). Breeding system and pollination by mimicry of the orchid Tolumnia guibertiana in Western Cuba. Plant Species Biology 26: 163-173) has received the nomination as Best paper award 2011 accorded by the Society for the Study of the Plant Species Biology. Here you can see the nice picture that was shown at the awards ceremony:



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