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Publicaciones 2012

Publicaciones de 2012:

  • Faria, RR.; Ferrero, V.; Navarro, L.; Araújo, A.C. (2012). Flexible mating system in distylous populations of Psychotria carthagenensis Jacq. (Rubiaceae) in Brazilian Cerrado. Plant Systematics and Evolution 298 (3): 619-627.
  • de Castro, E.R., Côrtes, M.C., Navarro, L., Galetti, M. and Morellato, L.P.C. (2012). Temporal variation in the abundance of two species of thrushes in relation to fruiting phenology in the Atlantic rainforest. Emu 112 (2): 137-148.
  • Piazzon, M.; R. Larrinaga, A.; Rodríguez-Pérez, J.; Latorre, L.; Navarro, L.; Santamaría, L. (2012). Seed dispersal by lizards on a continental island: predicting inter-specific variation in seed rain based on plant distribution and lizard movement patterns. Journal of Biogeography 39: 1984-1995.
  • Ferrero, V.; Arroyo, J.; Castro, S.; Navarro, L. (2012). Unusual heterostyly: style dimorphism and self-incompatibility are not tightly associated in Lithodora and Glandora (Boraginaceae). Annals of Botany 109 (3): 655-665.
  • Ferrero, V.; Rojas, D.; Vale, A.; Navarro, L. (2012). Delving into the loss of heterostyly in Rubiaceae: is there a similar trend in tropical and non-tropical climate zones? Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 14(3): 161-167.
  • Rojas, D.; Vale, A.; Ferrero, V.; Navarro, L. (2012). The role of frugivory in the diversification of bats in the Neotropics. Journal of Biogeography 39: 1948-1960.
  • Vale, A.; Rojas, D.; Acanda, Y.; Sánchez-Abad, N.L.; Navarro, L. (2012) A new species of Tetramicra (Orchidaceae: Laeliinae) from Baracoa, eastern Cuba. Systematic Botany 37:883-892.
  • Navarro, L.; Ayensa, G.; Ferrero, V. and Sánchez, J.M. (2012). The avoidance of self-interference in the endemic daffodil Narcissus cyclamineus (Amaryllidaceae). Plant Ecology 213:1813–1822.