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Publicaciones 2013

Publicaciones de 2013:

  • Sánchez, J.M., Ferrero, V., Navarro, L. (2013). Quantifying reciprocity in distylous and tristylous plant populations. Plant Biology 15 (3): 616-620.
  • Castro, S.; Ferrero, V.; Costa, J.; Sousa, A.J.; Navarro, L.; Loureiro, J. (2013). Reproductive strategy of the invasive Oxalis pes-caprae: distribution patterns of flower morphs, ploidy levels and sexual reproduction. Biological Invasions 15 (8): 1863-1875.
  • Vale, A.; Rojas, D.; Álvarez, J.C. and Navarro, L. (2013). Distribution, habitat disturbance and pollination of the endangered orchid Broughtonia cubensis (Epidendrae: Laeliinae). Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 172: 345-357.
  • Ferrero, V.; Castro, S.; Costa, J.; Jorge, A.; Acuña, P.; Navarro, L.; Loureiro, J. (2013). Effect of invader removal: pollinators stay but some native plants miss their new friend. Biological Invasions 15:2347-2358.
  • Rojas, D.; Mancina, C.A.; Flores-Martínez, J.J. and Navarro, L. (2013). Phylogenetic signal, feeding behaviour, and brain volume in Neotropical bats. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26(9): 1925-1933.
  • Carvallo, G.O.; Navarro, L.; Medel, R. (2013) Assessing the effects of native plants on the pollination of an exotic herb, the blueweed Echium vulgare (Boraginaceae). Arthropod Plant Interactions 7: 475-484.
  • Castro, S.; Loureiro, J.; Ferrero, V.; Silveira, P. & Navarro, L. (2013) So many visitors and so few pollinators: variation in insect frequency and effectiveness governs the reproductive success of an endemic milkwort. Plant Ecology 214: 1233-1245.