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Publicaciones 2014

Publicaciones de 2014:

  • Costa, J.; Ferrero, V.; Loureiro, J.; Castro, M.; Navarro, L. Castro, S. (2014). Sexual reproduction of the pentaploid short-styled Oxalis pes-caprae allows the production of viable offspring. Plant Biology 16: 208-214.
  • Faife-Cabrera, M.; Ferrero, V.; Navarro, L. (2014). Unravelling the stylar polymorphism in Melochia species (Malvaceae): reciprocity and ancillary characters. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 176:147-158.
  • Vale, A.; Pérez-Obregón, R. A.; Faife-Cabrera, M.; Álvarez, J.C.; Rojas, D. (2014). A new orchid species from the keys of Central Cuba and a checklist of Cuban Encyclia (Orchidaceae, Laeliinae). Systematic Botany 39(4).
  • Rojas, D. (2014). The ornaments of life: Coevolution and conservation in the tropics by Theodore H. Fleming and W. John Kress. The Quarterly Review of Biology 89: 169-170.