Plant Ecology and Evolution Lab

  Biological communities are formed from a complex web of interactions among multiple species. However, in spite of the importance of these interactions in the origin, maintenance and evolution of biodiversity, our understanding of the ecological and evolutionary outcomes of multiple-species interactions is still developing.

  Our lab is broadly interested in the ecology and evolution of species interactions, with special focus on pollination biology, seed dispersal and biological invasions.

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Orchids give us name!

Celebrating the Year of Bats: Photo Exhibition "Amazing Shadows"

Honourable Mention to Noctiluca!

New animation: "Types of natural selection"

Divulgare climb up the Kilimanjaro!

Already avaiable the book "Biogeochemistry and Pedogenetic Process in Saltmarsh and Mangrove Systems"

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Already avaiable the book "Ecología y Evolución de Interacciones Planta-Animal" originated as a result of our Cyted project

Available in .pdf the book "Restauración de especies nativas en los helechales de la Reserva Científica Ébano Verde" (9,11MB)

The Group of Plant Ecology and Evolution at the University of Vigo offers the ability to carry out introduction to research

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