Paola Acuña



Degree student

Research interest

  • Environmental education
  • Entomology
  • Conservation biology and restoration of degraded ecosystems
  • Adaptive strategies of invasive plants and their effect on the ecosystem
  • Importance of plant-insect coevolution in the evolution of floral organs and anatomical structures of pollinators


2004-current    Degree in Biology. University of Vigo (Spain).

Work experience

2005-2009  Guide in Parques Naturais Illas Atlánticas
2006-2009  Collaborator in the Laboratory of Animal Anatomy (University of Vigo)
2006    Environmental educator. Ecoplanin
2007-2008  Study of biological invasions of exotic plants in Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain). Ecoplanin
2007-2009  Monitor of environmental divulgation, workshops and urban camps. Estela loxística e proxetos,S.L.
2006-2009  Guide in "Camiño a Camiño", "Vai de Camiño" and "Natureza nos camiños".


  • Acuña, P. (2008). Programa de diagnose ambiental e cultural dos espazos naturais de Vigo. Sociedade para o estudo e conservación do patrimonio natural e etnográfico 3: 36-41.

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