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RECIPROCITY is a simple macro for Excel that allows to calculate quickly and easily some different indices of reciprocity between sexual whorls in heterostylous species.

It must be referred as:
Sánchez, J.M.; Ferrero, V.; and Navarro, L. (2008) A new approach to the quantification of degree of reciprocity in distylous (sensu lato) plant populations. Annals of Botany 102: 463-472.

RECIPRO is the second version of RECIPROCITY for both distylous and tristylous populations. It also improves some aspects regarding the interpretation of the values, since 1) result values are calculated in a way that maximum index values correspond to maximum reciprocity situations, and 2) index values are recalculated to be between 0 and 1, avoiding the too small values of the first version. Both modifications makes the interpretation of the index more intuitive.

L Sánchez, JM, Ferrero, V, Navarro, l. 2013. Quantifying reciprocity in distylous and tristylous plant populations. Plant Biology 15, 616-620

Creative Commons License

RECIPROCITY and RECIPRO by Sánchez, J.M.; Ferrero, V.; and Navarro, L. are licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-No comercial-Sin obras derivadas 3.0 España License.

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